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About Us

About Us
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About Technology Consulting
Together, we can navigate a path to success

At Eide Bailly Technology Consulting, we trust there is a better way; a better way to do business and to realize the extraordinary potential in the marketplace today. We bring our knowledge, passion, and experience to transform the way organizations are doing business, through collaboration with our clients and the leveraging of technology to drive business forward. Our strategic technology services and solutions, from relationship management and enterprise resource planning (ERP) to infrastructure support and application development, turn business challenges into opportunities for growth.

With nearly 100 years in business and 35 years in the technology industry, we deliver a diverse set of expertise to enable your business’ continued success.

Our driving force motivating each and every engagement is to understand your organization and discover the best-fit solution that will yield valuable results for your business. What makes us different – and why our clients choose to work with us – is our proactive, consultative approach to technology and our incredible team.

By and far, our people make our business, and luckily for you, our culture cultivates and attracts the industry’s leading talent.

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