How to Measure Your Security Risk

Do you know your current security risk? Better yet, when it comes to your network, tools, and data, are you sure you’re doing the right things?

Measuring the state of your IT environment and understanding your current security risk is just smart business today. With the constant changes in technology, your business needs to regularly “health check” your IT. From your processes to your tools, network, and security practices – smart business is all about adapting to change and remaining secure. Because the last thing you want to do is leave yourself– and your data – out in the open.

So, what does good IT “health” look like today?
How do you measure your current security risk?
What questions should you be asking?
And where should you focus your energy?

Measuring your IT environment and security risk is really no different than any other type of risk management. It’s a constant process. And it requires ongoing, continuous attention.

To help you measure and compare your business against “industry standards,” we’ve made a helpful security questionnaire. Our team of IT experts has identified 12 questions to help gauge your current security risk areas and assess your overall IT health. Best yet, we provide some tips to make actionable improvements now.

From data backups to your administrative protocols and password protection processes, this IT quiz will give you some “quick wins” to take back to your organization. Know how your security “stacks up” while learning best practices for optimum network stability, disaster recovery, and IT health.

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No matter where you land on the risk scale, sometimes you just need a second opinion. One set of questions can certainly provide a nice overview, but there’s no substitute for a comprehensive security assessment.

If you want to truly lower your business’s IT risk, our team can help.
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