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Undergoing a major technology implementation comes with a fair amount of risk. There are numerous studies and statistics out there that show the failure rates. It’s an experience that Bongards Creameries, unfortunately, knows first-hand.

Bongards is a premium cheese manufacturer and farmer-owned coop with over a century of cheese-making expertise. They originally implemented Salesforce CRM in 2014, but the solution was not aligned with the way they went to market. After a few years of painful growth, Bongards made the strategic decision to double-down on Salesforce and reinvest to get the right CRM implementation.

Eide Bailly has been Bongards’ accounting firm for years, so when they learned that we also have a Salesforce Gold Consulting team, they brought our team in to share our approach to fixing their Salesforce CRM org.

“We felt that Eide Bailly really had a step above with how they went to implement Salesforce.”

This time around, Bongards was determined to beat the implementation odds. After a thorough vetting of Salesforce partners, our Eide Bailly Salesforce team was brought in to optimize Salesforce. We began with a deep dive into Bongards go-to-market strategy, business processes, and requirements. The result made all the difference to Bongards’ CRM experience.


Salesforce Optimization

Aligning CRM to Support Go-To-Market Strategy



It's made us a lot more efficient. People aren't chasing things, they just go to Salesforce and 9 out of 10 times they'll get their question answered.”

Scott Tomes | Bongards Chief Revenue Officer

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