Moving Away from Manual Spreadsheets

EWS Group, a leading provider of enterprise software for the moving industry, asked Eide Bailly Technology Consulting to help them transition from an outdated CRM system to a more robust and integrated solution using Salesforce. With four different platforms for sales processes, customer support, project management, and accounting, most of their company functions were being performed manually, and sharing information between departments meant waiting for email and phone calls to be returned – often with days of lag time in between.

“Despite all the various systems, we were still generating quotes on a spreadsheet,” says Allan Lamar, president of EWS Group. “Nothing was stored or tracked, so our teams could never be completely certain what we’d quoted to individual customers.”

Lamar knew it was time to move to a new system, but with mountains of legacy data to migrate and an internal team that was already maxed out, he also knew that deploying a new CRM would require expert assistance.

“As a company of software consultants, our egos sometimes drive us to do new technology implementations ourselves,” says Lamar. “But looking at the size and scope of the Salesforce project, I knew it would take us a long time to get it done internally, and there would be a huge learning curve. I needed it done right. And I needed it done quickly.”

Lamar’s Salesforce representative recommended Eide Bailly. “He really encouraged us to call the folks at Eide Bailly,” says Lamar. “And after we’d interviewed a few other places, we understood why. Eide Bailly truly listened to what we wanted to accomplish, and they weren’t constantly interjecting with all the things that we should do.” Plus, says Lamar, the Eide Bailly proposal was clear and simple. “It was obvious that they understood what we needed and were focused on providing it a fair price with great value.”

Eide Bailly does business like we do business. They’re true consultants, not just configurators.
Allan Lamar
President | EWS Group

Developing a Plan for Integration and Automation

“Eide Bailly came in and immediately started asking the right questions,” explains Lamar. “They encouraged us to bring stakeholders from every department together so they could truly understand our business holistically. This made all the difference.”

In these initial discovery sessions, Eide Bailly’s Technology Consulting team focused on helping EWS Group identify exactly what they wanted from a CRM system – but they didn’t assume that everything EWS had done before was wrong. “In addition to finding out what we wanted, they found out what was working in our current system, so we didn’t have to entirely re-invent the wheel,” says Lamar.

With the EWS Group’s need for a truly integrated and automated solution, Eide Bailly focused on creating a single place for all EWS teams to access real-time information about everything from sales quotes to accounts payable. This gave them the opportunity to consolidate all of their applications under a single platform – all while staying on budget and on time for their Salesforce implementation.

I felt like they were watching our budget as closely as we were. They made sure that everything they offered to us provided real value.
Allan Lamar
President | EWS Group

The Eide Bailly team also created a new Salesforce customer portal for EWS, which empowers customers to self- serve and track everything online – from the products they own to their invoice status and account details – providing valuable information at their fingertips and eliminating service calls to EWS.

Driving Efficiency – and Happiness

When the new Salesforce solution was ready for prime time, the team rolled it out to staff without a hitch. “We weren’t just getting a system place and then figuring out what works and doesn’t,” explains Lamar. “Right out of the gate, our new CMS did 95% of what we wanted it to do. Staff could see the benefit, and our adoption rate was high from day one.”

With the ability to create quotes, track sales processes, and manage projects from a single Salesforce platform, work quality improved immediately after implementation. Departments were able to share information instantly, with everyone engaged in the same conversation, at the same time, from the same place.

With sales, operations, and support all working from the same record, and with real-time information accessible from a single location, gaps in communication were instantly closed, accounting tasks could be completed in an hour instead of a full day, and servicing customers with up-to-date information became a seamless process.

Our employees are much more efficient now. And everyone is just a lot happier – including our customers.