When your business is growing, you want to do everything in your power to keep it moving forward. Often times, this means running on a shoestring.

It’s a feeling Kirk Anton can relate to.

Having founded Heat Transfer Warehouse in 2010, Kirk never expected to grow as fast as they did. And when the time came to look at a new business management software, they were already over their heads.

“QuickBooks is really only meant to get you to a million dollar in sales, and we blew past that.”
Kirk Anton
Heat Transfer Warehouse

Being a rapid growth business without a robust resource management tool began to take it’s toll. Kirk and his team streamlined their processes and looked for efficiency savings everywhere else in the business. And then they finally took a serious look at their software.

“We were always projecting five years, here’s where we want to be. We never thought about the back-end and the software part of it. And the best advice I can tell anyone would be to put that into your planning because we should have been there a couple years ago.”

Moving from QuickBooks to NetSuite

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A wholesale distributor of heat transfer materials in the textile industry, Heat Transfer Warehouse needed a solution that would be able to manage their supply chain, vendors, and inventory effectively. They turned to our team for help. We implemented NetSuite, and planned strategically to minimize any impact during cut-over. Since going live, they’ve been able to streamline their order process and reduce their inventory by 20% through efficiencies alone.

“It’s the last thing you think about. I’ve built companies before, and it’s always the last thing you think about. You think ‘This is working, who cares.’ But we should have thought about ‘Do we need software that’s going to create efficiencies and make us better.’ And we should have had that in our strategic planning.”
Why Rapid Growth Businesses Need Cloud ERP

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Recognizing the need to incorporate technology into their future strategic planning, the Heat Transfer team has asked Eide Bailly to be a regular in the conversation.

“Eide Bailly is always coming up with ways to make us better and maximize the software. They’re not a vendor. It’s like they’re a part of the team, and they really care about the results we’re going to get.”

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