By now, we should all know that running your business on a system that hasn’t been upgraded is not a good idea. But sometimes those years just fly by and before you know it, you’re 10 years late on that software update.

When this happened to MGIS Companies, Inc., they took a good, hard look at what their goals and software needs. They realized their current accounting system was essentially functioning as a glorified checkbook, so they started looking at cloud solutions.

“We wanted a cloud based system that we could pull financial information out of, that was powerful, that was interactive and that would interact with our other systems. And that’s why we decided on NetSuite.”
Matt Frost

Upgrading to the Cloud

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Making the move from a 20 year old system to a cloud based ERP is no small feat. They knew they’d need a team to help them. So they called our team. The results were more than they could have imagined.

“It was end to end service, and it went really smoothly. I’ve done four other implementations of accounting software, and this was by far the smoothest, the easiest. It worked. We had our goal set for I think it was March 2016 to switch over to NetSuite, and we did it. And that was mainly attributable to the product, number one, and number two, to the Eide Bailly team’s great service they provided.”

MGIS now leverages both NetSuite ERP and CRM solutions in their business. Growing in the medical malpractice and disability insurance industry, they feel confident with a solution that is easy to scale and maintain while keeping their data secure.

And, if they ever have questions, our team is there to help.

“I don’t hesitate in recommending Eide Bailly. They’re kind of our go to.”

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