There are a lot of differences between the private and public sector. But one thing that’s the same across all business models is the need for better service.

The County of Sonoma Energy and Sustainability department realized they needed a better way to serve their community’s needs. Three different staff members in the department were working with the same customer on different services – and had no idea. And the constituent did not know that all these services fell under the same department.

This brought about a series of questions every business can relate to: How are we providing service? What is the customer experience? Is there a better way to share information across teams?

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“There’s a stronger appreciation for the concept of customer relationship management. It’s not just a tool. It’s a whole way of looking at serving your constituents in the community.”
Liz Yager
Energy and Sustainability Program Manager

Together with Eide Bailly and Salesforce, the County of Sonoma designed a better government service model. Our team helped them implement Service Cloud for web-to-case management, and we integrated their Salesforce CRM with old legacy systems and databases so their data would speak to each other. The biggest difference, however, came from their Salesforce Community. The County’s constituents can now self-serve on a community portal with Knowledge articles and online applications for financing and energy services.

And because of the success of the initial Salesforce implementation, more departments within the County of Sonoma are looking to move onto the platform.

“It’s a dream, that we could grow this, replicate it, expand it so that all the County departments could have this single view to the needs of our constituents.”

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