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Our People

  • Scott Kost
    Runs the Show
    Scott Kost
    Director & Principal
  • Stuart Tholen
    ERP Pro
    Stuart Tholen
  • Shelley Earlsey
    Certified Planner
    Shelley Earlsey
    Partner, CPA, PMP
  • Dana Larson
    NetSuite Wizard
    Dana Larson
    Senior Manager
  • Alan Clark
    Sage Savvy
    Alan Clark
    Senior Manager
  • Bredt Eggleston
    Challenge Solver
    Bredt Eggleston
  • Dan Milne
    Continuous Improver
    Dan Milne
    Partner, CPA, CITP
  • Mike Arvidson
    IT Stabilizer
    Mike Arvidson
    Senior Manager
  • Hans Hendershot
    CRM Guru
    Hans Hendershot
  • D.C. Lucas
    The Connector
    D.C. Lucas
    Senior Manager