COVID-19 Wellness Screening Tool in Salesforce

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How to Keep Your Employees Safe Amid COVID-19

Do you operate in an essential industry that requires your employees to still be at work? Are you juggling how to reopen your business while still maintaining the health and wellness of your staff?

Keeping your team safe during these trying times is no easy feat, which is why the CDC has suggested screening workers each day with survey questions.

To help make this process easier, our team has built an unmanaged package for Salesforce that will allow you to easily record answers to the CDC-approved questionnaire in your Salesforce org. Available in both English and Spanish, you can feel confident you’re keeping your team safe while operating during the COVID-19 crisis.


This package is offered free of charge as-is and comes with basic instructions for installation. The offer of this download should not be construed as legal advice and is not permitted for use by HIPAA covered entities.

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