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Business planning and technology strategy go hand-in-hand, like having a good offense and defense. You can't win the game without preparing for both.

Just like a good game of chess, success comes with planning and foresight. But seeing the path ahead can sometimes be the hardest part of improving your business. We’ll map your path to success with experienced eyes. Our business consultants will help define your organizational goals and business needs so that your technology game plan keeps you winning.

What We Do


Business Assessments

When you know where you are, you’re free to explore where you can go. The first step in any project is to evaluate your current state. Understanding your strengths and weaknesses, risks and opportunities, needs and goals will help to define your future direction. Without a clear roadmap for your business strategy, you’ll be moving aimlessly and wasting money. After all, progress without a purpose is not really progress at all. Our assessments review your people, processes, and technology for a complete picture of your business.

Project Management & Implementation Consulting

The right business tool can make your workload less … well, overloaded. But undertaking the project can be a heavy lift. If you have an internal team that will be taking on your technology initiative, an external project manager can make all the difference for your outcome.

From detailed requirements gathering and thorough timeline analysis, our team’s proven project management methodology and implementation approach will take the burden off your in-house team. We’ll act as a neutral third-party between your organization and software vendors, identify your unique functional requirements, and help keep tasks moving forward on time and on budget.


  • Business-first consulting approach
  • Product agnostic guidance
  • Team of certified business consultants, project managers, and technology experts
  • Business planning and technology strategy experience across industries and verticals

Our Services

Strategy & Leadership

Serve as a trusted advisor and resource to empower C-Suite decision making.

Business Assessments

Provide a comprehensive view of your technology and process maturity.

Process Improvement & Optimization

Identify gaps between your existing processes and future business needs.

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Our Clients

Customer Spotlight

Getting the Right CRM

Sometimes things don't go quite as planned the first time. It's an experience Bongards Creameries knows first-hand with their initial Salesforce CRM implementation. To get it right, they called our team to fix and optimize the CRM to fit their double-digit growth organization.

Customer Spotlight

Building better government service

Think that Government doesn't need a better way to serve their customers too? Discover how – with Eide Bailly and Salesforce – the County of Sonoma is modernizing the way that they view and manage their community's needs.

Customer Spotlight

Integrating Salesforce for fluid form

System integrations can take your Salesforce CRM from good to great. Learn how our Salesforce consulting team helped Freemotion Fitness, the commercial leg of ICON Health & Fitness, integrate their way to a functional CRM.

Customer Spotlight

Customizing NetSuite for e-Commerce success

The landscape of retail is changing. Learn how Eide Bailly's award-winning NetSuite team helped KURU Footwear customize their way to NetSuite success with robust inventory management and order processing automation.

Customer Spotlight

Optimizing for a Quality CRM

Traeger Pellet Grills has been using Salesforce for nearly a decade, but it wasn't until they called our team and truly optimized it for their business that they found success with their CRM. Find out why, if they had to do it all over again, they would not have started with a self-implementation.

Customer Spotlight

Empowering a global vision with robust resource management

Discover how Eide Bailly's NetSuite team helped empower Water Mission's global vision with a NetSuite OneWorld implementation for nonprofit manufacturing.

Customer Spotlight

Uncovering Better Insights with a Data Warehouse

Discover how Black Clover uncovered better data insights and sales reporting after implementing a robust data warehouse solution paired with Tableau visualization.


People and Change Management

Change is part of business. Effectively managing it determines your success. Learn how best engage your team in the change management process for a positive outcome.

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The 3 Biggest Implementation Risks – And How To Avoid Them

Implementing a new CRM or ERP solution in your business comes with risk. Here are the "Big 3" and what to do to avoid them in your next implementation project.

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