Reopen Your Campus While Managing Risk

Are you struggling with how to bring students back on-campus? Looking for a functional solution to help your institution understand your data and manage your COVID-19 risk and response?

Eide Bailly’s COVID-19 Campus Analytics solution will help you understand the current and trending health and risk level across your campus. Visualize and drill through available testing results, compliance efforts, population wellness, and high-risk areas in your institution.

Collecting data is valuable, but your campus needs to move beyond data collection and into intelligence and action to effectively mitigate risk and manage response. Take control of your data and your COVID-19 risk management plan with Eide Bailly’s dashboard and integrated reporting solution for higher education institutions.

Interact with your COVID-19 testing and symptom data in new, meaningful ways across your entire campus or district.

  • Symptomatic vs. Non-Symptomatic
  • Campus Population (Building, Classroom, Program, At-Risk Faculty)
  • On-Campus vs. Off-Campus Housing
  • Available Testing Results

We believe in the future of data-driven education.

Unlock the value of the data trapped in your systems to improve your decision-making and COVID-19 response.

Eide Bailly’s proven Campus Analytics solution is designed to give every campus and school district deep insights into where, why, and with whom you have the greatest risk during the ongoing health crisis. When combined with our decades of higher education and K-12 expertise, our clients have a powerful partner to manage risk and control compliance.

Campus Analytics Handout

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The Value

COVID-19 Campus Analytics


Discover where your students, faculty, and staff are not compliant with your COVID-19 risk management standards.


Connect our COVID-19 Campus Analytics solution to your Student Information System (SIS) to better view risk on campus.


Visualize and understand where on campus or in your district to apply your limited testing and response resources.


Take action with your data to make better decisions and roll-out necessary additional precautions.


Monitor the effectiveness of your COVID-19 response management plan and data trends over time.

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