Become "business intelligent" with Data Analytics

The future economy is all about data. We’re firm believers that the winners in the next Industrial Revolution will be those that figure out how to use their data and make better decisions.

And we want to help your business win.

Data reporting and predictive analytics don't need to be intimidating. Discover what your data is really trying to tell you with the help of our team of certified data analysts.

Turning Chaos into Clarity

  • Discover the value in your data
  • Connect and integrate your disparate data sources
  • Construct your data story
  • Iterate success and continuously improve
  • Deploy and embed data insights throughout your organization
  • Nurture and guide your journey to becoming a data-driven business

Your Data Journey

Uncover the value hidden in your data.

Descriptive Analytics

Answers: “What Happened?”

• Better understand your data
• Advanced reporting
• Improve visibility
• Drive performance metrics

Diagnostic Analytics

Answers: “Why Did It Happen?”

• Interactive reporting
• Sign of “business intelligence”
• Explain performance influencers
• Explore and troubleshoot your data

Predictive Analytics

Answers: “What Will Happen?”

• Accurate forecasting
• Influence business performance
• Identify trends
• Leverage machine learning and AI

Prescriptive Analytics

Answers: “What’s Possible?”

• Highly specific data goals
• Purpose-driven metrics
• If-Then analysis
• Continuous data improvement


  • Microsoft Silver Data Analytics Certified
  • Certified Adaptive Insights
  • Trusted business advisors who understand your data
  • Industry-specific knowledge and experience
  • Tool agnostic expertise
  • Experience embedding analytics into organizations with high success

Our Data Analytics Approach

Eide Bailly utilizes the following proven four-step methodology in our business intelligence and data analytics projects.


The best projects begin with a clear understanding of your business goals and requirements. It’s no different for a data analytics initiative. Your business goals will drive the data reports we create. That’s why we take this step very seriously, as it lays the foundation for everything to come. We Will

  • Set your data goals
  • Identify your main data sources
  • Assess the quality of data
  • Determine your “source of truth”
  • Identify the key value drivers that will influence your performance


Once your organization’s goals and requirements are defined, we’ll find the right data analytics tool for you and your team. Eide Bailly utilizes a product agnostic approach to selecting tools. This means we evaluate products based on your needs and business goals to find the best fit. We Will

  • Select your data analytics platform
  • Plan your data integration
  • Draft your data story
  • Design your reports and dashboards


This is where we roll out the designs to your team. We often like to start with your “power users,” those that will be advocates for your data project and will helps us ensure its successful adoption across the organization. Throughout this phase, we’re almost “testing” your data. Often, businesses discover a lot about their data, systems, and users that they didn’t know before. We Will

  • Validate your data
  • Ensure accuracy and ease of reporting
  • Iterate to improve
  • Verify the reports are driving valuable insights to the identified goals
  • Rollout organization-wide



Many organizations stop after deployment, but we know that the most impactful projects continue beyond the initial rollout. Our focus is to ensure your data insights are embedded within your business. This means end-user adoption and training. We Will

  • Educate your team on how to use their data
  • Vary training by user role
  • Ingrain the use of dashboards and reports into daily operations

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