Become "business intelligent" with Data Analytics

The future economy is all about data. We’re firm believers that the winners in the next Industrial Revolution will be those that figure out how to use their data and make better decisions.

And we want to help your business win.

Data reporting and predictive analytics don't need to be intimidating. Discover what your data is really trying to tell you with the help of our team of certified data analysts. From data strategy and goal setting, to consolidating your data sources in a data warehouse for a single source of truth, our team is here to take the BS out of BI – one dashboard and report at a time.

We take care of your data
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Eide Bailly’s strategic data solutions will turn your data chaos into clarity.

  • Data Strategy
  • Data Warehouse
  • Data Analysis
  • Report Writing
  • Visualization
  • Data Science

Ready to get started on your data-Driven journey?

There’s a lot of options out there.
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Our new reports allow us to monitor our business in real-time helping us make both tactical and strategic decisions. One of the smartest decisions we have made as a company.

Steve Lichte

COO, Black Clover

Our Data Approach

We want to make every company a data company.

Those that succeed in the Fourth Industrial Revolution will be the companies that take their data and make use of it. We’re dedicated to making our clients among the winners.

Data strategy

Whether you have a Chief Data Officer or not, our team of data consultants will help your organization define your data goals, assess your data sources, and develop a data strategy that will empower your future success.

Becoming a data-driven organization simply means putting your data at the core of how you operate.

A successful data strategy involves:

  • Understanding your key business goals and objectives.
  • Auditing your current data sources and data health.
  • Discovering external factors impacting your industry and performance.
  • Identifying the information your key stakeholders need in order to be successful, from the top-floor to your front-line.
  • Aligning your data to support your organizational priorities.

Our team will help you take full advantage of your data and uncover BI opportunities for your business.

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Data Warehouse

Have disconnected data sources? You’re not alone. Before you turn to a data visualization tool to solve your data woes, centralize and organize your data into a single “source of truth” with a data warehouse.

With our applied business logic and automated data prep, your business reports and dashboards will never be the same.

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advanced analytics

Visualize your business performance with BI reports and dashboards that push the needle. With the help of our data consultants and expert analysts, discover the insights hidden in your data.

Turn questions into answers, confusion into clarity with predictive analysis, advanced data modeling, and customized reporting.

  • Discover opportunities in your data with advanced data science.
  • Automate your data collecting, organizing, and reporting processes.
  • Reduce risk with better forecasting and predictive analytics.
  • Supplement your business data with external data sources for a more holistic view of your performance.
  • Explore different strategies and options with “if-then” analysis and data questioning.
  • Work smarter with machine learning and AI augmentation.


  • Trusted business advisors who understand your data
  • Industry-specific knowledge and experience
  • Tool agnostic expertise
  • Full-stack, fully managed data solution
  • Experience embedding analytics into organizations with high success

Data Your Way

We know data tools, and our team has experience across today's leading BI platforms.

Laser-focus on your customer

With the right technology platform and data strategy.

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Business Intelligence Starts Here

The four tiers of advanced data analytics

Descriptive Analytics

Answers: “What Happened?”

• Better understand your data
• Advanced reporting
• Improve visibility
• Drive performance metrics

Diagnostic Analytics

Answers: “Why Did It Happen?”

• Interactive reporting
• Sign of “business intelligence”
• Explain performance influencers
• Explore and troubleshoot your data

Predictive Analytics

Answers: “What Will Happen?”

• Accurate forecasting
• Influence business performance
• Identify trends
• Leverage machine learning and AI

Prescriptive Analytics

Answers: “What’s Possible?”

• Highly specific data goals
• Purpose-driven metrics
• If-Then analysis
• Continuous data improvement


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