Conquer Data Chaos

Your messy data is costing your business time and money. Data visualization tools alone won't solve your data chaos and hiring an internal team to address your data challenges is no easy task.

The solution? Data warehousing.

Eide Bailly's data warehouse approach leverages strategic data platform technologies to provide enterprise-level solutions for the mid-market. Our team of data analysts focus on data cleanliness, structure, and organization so you see real value from your data warehouse investment. Your data, your reports, and your bottom line will thank you.

Turning Chaos into Clarity

A data warehouse is really just a fancy term for centralizing and organizing your business data. It takes all of your fragmented, disconnected data sources and gives real insight and meaning to your data.

Our strategic data warehouse approach ensures a high ROI and true business insight.

We are now able to go to the data warehouse for all our data needs. The ability to run ad hoc reports, and create and analyze relationships in data is amazing.

Jim Bennett

President, NowCFO

Get Your Data in Order

Eide Bailly's Data Warehouse Approach


Our team starts by conducting a deep-dive discovery process to understand your business's BI and data needs.


Our data analysts then gather and connect all of your data sources and centralize them in one database for integrated insights.


Here comes the piece most businesses skip: Your data is cleaned and organized based on your custom business logic. This is where Eide Bailly's decades of industry experience and business acumen becomes your advantage.


With clean data and centralized information, we can connect your new data warehouse to the data visualization tool of your choice – whether it's Tableau, Power BI, Domo, or any number of other viz solutions.


Depending on your organizational needs, our team of data analysts can maintain, monitor, and audit your data warehouse so you can focus on running your business, better.

Data Problems we Solve

Our data warehouse approach automates your data prep, centralizes your data, and applies custom business logic to keep your data accurate, accessible, and valuable.

  • Fragmented data sources
    Do you have multiple disconnected data sources? With a data warehouse, we bring all those disparate, scattered data sets together and organize them into something you can actually use.
  • Broken reports
    Are conflicting reports slowing you down? Having trouble scaling up or making informed decisions? We not only bring all your business data together in a single data warehouse, but our experienced data consultants embed deep logic to your data to improve the quality of your reporting.
  • Lack of visibility
    Disappointed with the latest data visualization tool? In all honesty, it’s probably not the solution’s fault. Valuable insights require valuable data. Before switching to another BI tool, let us bring clarity to your data with a customized data warehouse for crystal clear views and better reporting.

Our Data Difference

Data Strategy and Structure

Eide Bailly’s approach to data warehouse implementations centers around your organization’s data strategy. The end result will work seamlessly with your data visualization tool of choice and provide your team with the insights they need to drive business outcomes.

Our team handles all the heavy lifting with your data prep, structure, and organization, so you can just sit back and enjoy faster, smarter reports and dashboards.

  • Centralize and organize your business data into a single “source of truth.”
  • Tailored solutions and guidance from a team of certified data consultants.
  • Connect your organized data warehouse to your reporting tool of choice.
  • Automate away tedious manual data prep, cleaning, and reporting.
  • Secure your data with enterprise-level solutions designed for the mid-market.

The Best data platform technology

At Eide Bailly, we believe in a better way of doing business. That’s why we partner with the leading technologies in the marketplace. When implementing data warehouses, this means Snowflake.

Snowflake’s cloud data platform was built to scale and operate in today’s multi-cloud environment. It’s flexible and adaptable. And, when combined with our team’s decade of experience in data warehousing, it’s a best-in-class data solution for organizations of all industries and sizes.

Learn More About Snowflake

Data Visualization Your Way

When your business is backed by a data warehouse, all your insights will improve – just pick your tool of choice! We've got the knowledge to support them all.

Learn more about our team’s advanced analytics capabilities

We’re taking the BS out of BI, one dashboard at a time.

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Our Clients

Customer Spotlight

Uncovering Better Insights with a Data Warehouse

Discover how Black Clover uncovered better data insights and sales reporting after implementing a robust data warehouse solution paired with Tableau visualization.

Customer Spotlight

Getting the Right CRM

Sometimes things don't go quite as planned the first time. It's an experience Bongards Creameries knows first-hand with their initial Salesforce CRM implementation. To get it right, they called our team to fix and optimize the CRM to fit their double-digit growth organization.

Customer Spotlight

Optimizing for a Quality CRM

Traeger Pellet Grills has been using Salesforce for nearly a decade, but it wasn't until they called our team and truly optimized it for their business that they found success with their CRM. Find out why, if they had to do it all over again, they would not have started with a self-implementation.

Customer Spotlight

Building better government service

Think that Government doesn't need a better way to serve their customers too? Discover how – with Eide Bailly and Salesforce – the County of Sonoma is modernizing the way that they view and manage their community's needs.

Customer Spotlight

Customizing NetSuite for e-Commerce success

The landscape of retail is changing. Learn how Eide Bailly's award-winning NetSuite team helped KURU Footwear customize their way to NetSuite success with robust inventory management and order processing automation.

Our new reports allow us to monitor our business in real-time helping us make both tactical and strategic decisions. One of the smartest decisions we have made as a company.

Steve Lichte

COO, Black Clover


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