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While the technology your business uses is important, making sure that all your systems play together is arguably even more impactful.

The truth is, no matter how great the system, your business will always run on multiple tools. Your technology stack is essential to how you operate. But to get the full picture of your business, they all need to talk to each other. This is where integration is key.


  • A team of designated integration developers
  • 150+ successful integration projects
  • Experienced in iPaaS, turnkey, and custom integrations
  • 10 Boomi Developer Certifications
  • Salesforce Gold Consulting Partner
  • Top 5 Global NetSuite Partner

Connecting Your business

1. Process Documentation

Integrations are really about your business’s data and processes. That’s why we start by first thoroughly understanding your operations. By documenting your business processes, we can easily map the flow of information between systems.

2. Data Management

Your data runs your business. From your accounting to your contact management, data is everywhere. That’s why we devote a lot of time to making sure it’s prepped and ready for integration. All good integrations come down to good data, and most businesses need a little scrub up before going live. Whether your team takes the reigns or ours, we’ll guide you through the data cleaning process and how to get your systems integration ready.

3. Field Mapping

With good, clean data, we start mapping fields between systems and essentially building the framework for your integration. Any time data crosses between systems is called an integration action, and it’s important to set your “source of truth” at each of these points. For example, if you’re integrating your accounting system and customer management tool, do you want the “Account Name” field to default to your ERP’s data or your CRM’s? These are important questions to ask throughout your integration, understanding the nuances between the applications and how the data will interact. Our team will guide you through the whole process and share industry best practice standards. The end goal is to connect your business for better visibility and complete views of your business.

  • Process Flow
  • Data Management
  • Field Mapping
  • Integration Actions

Our Solutions

Connect your business with the best integration solutions.


  • ERP & CRM Systems Integration
  • Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)
  • Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS)
  • Quote-to-Cash Configuration
  • Direct Database Integrations
  • RESTful & SOAP Integrations
  • FTP & SFTP


Consultant-first Approach
Holistic Business View
Technical Depth & Expertise
NetSuite & Salesforce Specialization
Lower Total Cost of Ownership Solutions
Deep Development Experience
Scalable API Design
Admin Configurability
Agile Architecture

Our Clients

Customer Spotlight

Integrating Salesforce for fluid form

System integrations can take your Salesforce CRM from good to great. Learn how our Salesforce consulting team helped Freemotion Fitness, the commercial leg of ICON Health & Fitness, integrate their way to a functional CRM.

Customer Spotlight

Responding to growth with integrated tools

When Red Sky moved their business to Salesforce, they quickly realized that QuickBooks was not going to integrate correctly with their new CRM. That's when they started looking at cloud ERP solutions and called our NetSuite team to implement and integrate NetSuite with their Salesforce org.

Customer Spotlight

Building better government service

Think that Government doesn't need a better way to serve their customers too? Discover how – with Eide Bailly and Salesforce – the County of Sonoma is modernizing the way that they view and manage their community's needs.

Customer Spotlight

A scalable, all-in-one ERP platform

After 10 years without a system upgrade, MGIS Companies, Inc knew they needed a new accounting software. So they came to our Eide Bailly team to implement and connect NetSuite's cloud ERP to the rest of their business.

Customer Spotlight

Optimizing for a Quality CRM

Traeger Pellet Grills has been using Salesforce for nearly a decade, but it wasn't until they called our team and truly optimized it for their business that they found success with their CRM. Find out why, if they had to do it all over again, they would not have started with a self-implementation.

Our customers are finding us easier to work with, which is our whole goal.

Dan Dustin

Operations Manager, Freemotion Fitness


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