Expert IT Managed Service Support

You don’t need your own dream team of IT specialists and engineers to have cutting-edge technology and knowledge in your back pocket. We’ll not only consult your business and implement your new solutions, we’ll also loan out our expert IT specialists, all at your service.

What We Do

Our team of certified IT professionals will help eliminate the day-to-day stress of managing and supporting your business’s technology environment. From properly maintaining your network for ongoing security and stability, to providing end-user support when things go wrong, we’ll keep your business healthy and protected.


  • 1 phone number to call with issues
  • 4 team members designated to your business
  • 17-minute average response time to e-Tickets
  • 45-minute average time to close a support ticket

Three Levels of Support

On-Demand IT

Call us when you need us. No contract, no commitment.

Monitor IT

Next-level support for faster recovery and "up" times. No contract but with added perks like network availability and performance monitoring.

Impact IT

Proactive, full service managed services support billed monthly. Receive automated maintenance and IT planning support.

Find Your Fit


On-Demand IT

You’re a …

  • Smaller organization with limited internal IT staff
  • Larger organization with a gap in current IT skills or capacity

The value …

  • Call when you need us
  • Pay as you go
  • Extra set of hands on a project or when things “break” so you can get back on track fast

Monitor IT

You’re a …

  • Larger organization with a gap in current IT skills or capacity
  • Smaller organization with a need for advanced monitoring without the commitment

The value …

  • Monitor the ongoing health of your environment without the hassle and overhead
  • Scalable platform this is monitored for you
  • Extra set of eyes and a knowledgeable resource to call when you need it

Impact IT

You’re a …

  • Mid-to-large organization looking to either hire an additional resource or fully offload your IT burden
  • Business with no or extremely limited IT resources

The value …

  • Complete, proactive management of your IT operations
  • Enterprise-level team of resources with four diverse skill sets for less than the cost of hiring a full-time employee
  • Designated, reliable support that knows and understands your business
  • Industry leading tools, certified professionals, and business savvy that goes beyond just IT

What Makes Eide Bailly Different

Expect More

We’re more than just IT. Having a partner on your side that understands not only platform and security solutions, but also business best practices, can make all the difference to your business.

There When You Need Us

Network outage after midnight? System crash on a holiday? Our team offers round-the-clock support every day of the year. It’s one phone number, one team, there when you need us.

Expert Navigation

Technology is constantly changing, and it is not one-size-fits-all. We’ll help you navigate the waters between how it was, to where it’s going – with a solution that works best for you.

Our Clients

Customer Spotlight

Supporting a growing restaurant brand

The restaurant industry is absolutely reliant on their technology to run their business today. Watch how we helped regional brand, Zorbaz, expand and operate their growing restaurant as one cohesive business.

Customer Spotlight

Responding to growth with integrated tools

When Red Sky moved their business to Salesforce, they quickly realized that QuickBooks was not going to integrate correctly with their new CRM. That's when they started looking at cloud ERP solutions and called our NetSuite team to implement and integrate NetSuite with their Salesforce org.

Customer Spotlight

Getting the Right CRM

Sometimes things don't go quite as planned the first time. It's an experience Bongards Creameries knows first-hand with their initial Salesforce CRM implementation. To get it right, they called our team to fix and optimize the CRM to fit their double-digit growth organization.

Customer Spotlight

Integrating Salesforce for fluid form

System integrations can take your Salesforce CRM from good to great. Learn how our Salesforce consulting team helped Freemotion Fitness, the commercial leg of ICON Health & Fitness, integrate their way to a functional CRM.

Eide Bailly really raises the level of your technology and what you can do in your business.

Robb Swanson

Operating Partner, Zorbaz


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