Sage Alerts & Workflow

Sometimes the most important information in your accounting system is not what did happen, but what didn't.

Whether it's a customer who has stopped buying from you, inventory that hasn't sold in months, or a client project with no activity updates, all of this "inactivity" comes at a clear cost to your business. And, it can often go unnoticed unless someone is specifically looking for it.

That's where Sage Alerts & Workflow can help. A simple add-on to your Sage accounting system, Sage Alerts & Workflow does all the watching for you. From emailing an overdue account, notifying you of inactivity with a customer, or monitoring your inventory levels.

Sage Alerts & Workflow

  • Monitors your ERP data for critical, time-sensitive conditions​ and activities
  • Alerts your team automatically to any events
  • Delivers relevant forms, documents, and reports for action
  • Updates your Sage system ​with updated and upcoming activities

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Monitor Inventory 

Managing stock shortages, backorders, and inventory levels is no joke. Sage Alerts & Workflow can help streamline the process with automated monitoring and notifications of delivery delays, PO’s that need approval, and even SKU’s that have gone hot or cold on your shelves.

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Sell Smarter

Empowering your sales team with insights and alerts on important customer activities. From past due and delinquent account notifications to alerts when a top customer goes dormant, Alerts & Workflow keeps your sales rep on top of their sales funnel.

  • Order delay? Auto-notify the customer.
  • Quote about to expire? Auto-deliver to the prospect.
  • Sudden change in buying behavior? Alert the sales rep to schedule a call.
  • Past-due account? Freeze the account and send overdue invoices.

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Alerts & Workflow is the smoke alarm for your business systems, notifying you of a number of pre-configured and customized events so you can respond proactively.

  • AP Invoices Due < ‘x’ Days
  • AP Invoices on Hold
  • AP Vendor Pmt Overdue
  • AR Aged Balance > ‘x’
  • AR Balance Nearing Cr Limit
  • AR Client No Orders > ‘x’ Days
  • AR Invoices Past Due
  • IC Stock Below Reorder Point
  • IC Item High-Cost Increase
  • IC Qty on Backorder > ‘x’
  • PO Due This Week
  • PO Delivery Delayed
  • PO Status Change
  • SO Buying Habits Change
  • SO Order Confirmation
  • SO Promise Date Change

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