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Business success starts in the warehouse. It’s all about controlling day-to-day operations while keeping cost low and increasing productivity. Accuracy and speed in your inventory management is a critical aspect of your business' success. To run a successful distribution or manufacturing organization, you need to master both your inventory control and inventory replenishment processes.

Both control and replenishment play a key role in overall inventory management efficiency and success, but many struggle with how to bring these two aspects together effectively.

Power your supply chain with flexible inventory management in Sage 100 with Sage Inventory Advisor.

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Inventory Control handles the inventory that is already in your warehouse and forms part of your ERP solution, it’s the transactional layer that allows you to:

  • Receive inventory
  • Process stock takes
  • Process inter-branch transfers
  • Process inter-branch receipts
  • Pick, pack, and ship stock
  • Process purchase orders on suppliers
  • Process customer invoices on your sales.

Inventory Control is the supervision of non-capitalized assets (inventory) and stock items. If you’ve been relying on spreadsheets and data dumps from your ERP, you should take a look at scanning solutions that help you stay in control of your inventory. 

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On the other hand is Inventory Replenishment, which is the strategy for balancing the amount of working capital that is tied up in inventory with service-level goals across multiple stock-keeping units (SKUs). Inventory Replenishment offers advanced forecasting to ensure that you always have the right quantity of the right product at the right time and in the right location. Inventory Replenishment tools provide:

  • Demand planning and forecasting
  • Calculating safety stock
  • Calculating reorder points
  • Identifying fill rate %
  • Calculating replenishment stock
  • Identifying obsolete items
  • Streamline your ordering process
  • Optimizing warehouse levels 

Where Inventory Control is all about keeping your inventory sorted, scanned, and organized, Inventory Replenishment focuses on keeping the right levels of inventory in stock so you never have too much or too little at any given time. 

Without the right tools to manage these tasks, your warehouse is most likely out of balance, even in ways you can see. Using a spreadsheet, old fashioned pen-and-paper, or the intuition of your inventory team to manage all of the above bullet points will result in unnecessary costs, lower productivity, and worse service to your customers.

There is a better way to manage your inventory. For Sage ERP users, tools like Scanco and Sage Inventory Advisor cover all the fundamentals covered here, delivering huge time and cost savings. 

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