A Data Focused Customer Strategy

Removing friction from your sales cycle and providing an exceptional customer experience requires a deliberate focus on your business data. This is something that Salesforce knows and understands.

Over the last several years, Salesforce has made a number of strategic investments and acquisitions to position themselves well in today's "Data Games." From acquiring Tableau – a leading data visualization software – to recently investing in data sharing solution Snowflake, the cloud giant knows that good data is the future of success.

As a Salesforce Gold Consulting Partner, leading Tableau data analytics provider, and a Snowflake data warehouse solutions expert, Eide Bailly is uniquely positioned to help businesses capitalize on their data opportunities.

Build A Data Platform Centered on Your Customer

  • Salesforce CRM
    Gathers your customer data and enriches with Einstein AI
  • Snowflake
    Monetizes your data by organizing and making it easy to share
  • Tableau
    Visualizes your data and adds unique views to your customer

Bring it all together

Our team can help.

A Winning Combination of Data Focused Solutions

Work with your data in new ways with Salesforce, Snowflake, and Tableau

Analyze, Retain, and Grow Your Customers

Salesforce puts your customer at the center of everything so you can remove friction and grow your business.

Build a Solid Foundation For All of Your Data

Snowflake is a full-service data warehouse that creates one centralized repository for simplified data sharing and governance.

Visualize the Value of Your Data

Tableau enables you to explore your data in new ways and build a story around your customers.


Salesforce + Tableau + Snowflake = A Data Win for Businesses

As a leading partner with Salesforce, Snowflake, and Tableau, Eide Bailly could not be more excited about what this growing partnership means for clients. The continued alignment and investment in data solutions centered around the customer is a win for business leaders everywhere.

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How They Work Together

More than Customer Management

Salesforce is becoming more than just a customer relationship management tool. It is a data platform centered on your customers. This means Salesforce is putting good data at the heart of everything a CRM should do for your business and your customer.

Salesforce’s investment in Snowflake shows the importance of data sharing and centralization. Your CRM is not your only data source. To have a solid data “foundation” for your analytics and visualization, you need to bring together all of your data sources in one centralized location.

This is called a data warehouse.


Learn more about CRM

A Data Warehouse Foundation

Our team has been big fans of data warehouses for some time now. Snowflake comes in to create a centralized repository of all your data sources. This gives you a single governed data warehouse from which to share and compute your data in new ways.

In a larger organization, this could mean a separate data “view” for your marketing, operations, and finance teams and your external suppliers or vendors – all controlled and managed from one data warehouse but with specific logic and views for each unique use case.

A data warehouse provides the solid underpinning for your reporting and data visualization. Without it, your data analytics ability will be fragmented and incomplete.

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Valuable Visualization Built for Action

Tableau is the “fun” part of this data equation. It is the visual output of all your data efforts. Tableau takes your business data and explores the story.


  • “What happened?” with Descriptive Analytics
  • “Why did it happen?” with Diagnostic Analytics
  • “What will happen?” with Predictive Analytics
  • “How can we make it happen?” with Prescriptive Analytics

Move from hindsight to insight to foresight with robust data reporting and visualization.

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